• Equipped with the most powerful Ambarella A12S75 to enhance omni-directional performance
  • Adopts IMX117 CMOS sensor, 12MP 4K resolution for shooting ultra HD images and videos
  • Built-in 2 inch touch screen, very convenient to use
  • 166 degree super wide angle FOV, get the most out of a small shot
  • Support WiFi connection, you can share your photo and videos at anytime anywhere
  • Gyro anti-shake to stabilize every motion
  • Support motion detection and remote control
  • Support max 64G extended Micro SD card
  • Rechargeable 1000mAh Li-ion battery
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Product Description



A12S Sports and Flying Camera Processor


The Ambarella A12S Sports and Flying Camera Processor is a system-on-chip solution that


integrates an advanced image sensor pipeline (ISP), an H.264 encoder, and a powerful


ARM CortexTM CPU for advanced analytics, Wifi streaming and user applications.


Targeting the next generation of connected sports, 360 (VR) and flying cameras, the A12S


delivers up to 4K-video recording at 30fps or equivalent performance while streaming a


second, live, mobile-resolution video over a WiFi network for preview or


sharing. A unique architecture and 28-nm process technology.



SJ7 Star’s 2.0” touchscreen allows for easy

navigation and allows you to clearly preview your photo and video shots.




The SJ7 Star has so many features that not having a 2.0”touch screen would mean button pressing for days.


Thetouch screen is large enough to clearly see the icons andis ultra-sensitive to finger touch. When capturing the Star,


time is of the essence.




Awesome Sensor and Lens Setup with top-notch Firmware control.


SJ7 Star uses a Sony IMX117 12MP sensor enabling  you to capture sharp photos and gorgeous video.


The SJCAM firmware captures true-to-life images with minimal processing. Photos can be shot up to 16mp via interpolation.


How do you capture the scene exactly as your eyes see? Easy. Capture with the SJCAM Star. SJ7 – the choice of the Stars.



SJ7 Aluminum Housing

SJCAM SJ7 Star has a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy housing.


The matte finish, with machined edges, gives the Star an elegant appearance.




Wireless Remote – Power on, Snap, Record.


The optional SJCAM wireless remote allows you to control your SJCAM effortlessly. Take photos in still or burst mode, record video, and


power off with just a button press. Splash-proof and using 2.4ghz technology, the SJ Remote is a must-have for any SJ7 Star owner.



The SJCAM Selfie stick is a perfect add-on to your set up. SJCAM Remote, SJCAM Selfie Stick and SJCAM SJ7 – Capture the Star today!




SJ7 STAR Remote – Be in Full Control


The SJCAM SJ7 STAR supports the 2.4ghz SJ Remote, an optional accessory that can be snapped onto a watch band or SJCAM selfie stick.


Power On/Off, Snap/Record or burst mode with the SJCAM Remote.



SJCAM Star with SJCAM Mic – Dynamic Duo


Whether you are recording a concert, short film or are having friends and family gatherings, SJ7’s external Mic compatibility increases the


venues you can use your Star in. The optional SJCAM external Mic for situations when you want to make 100% sure that audio level will be


strong enough to accompany your coveted video footage.





Dive With Me


Dive up to 30 meters (98.4 feet) with the SJ7 STAR using


its sleek and sturdy Waterproof Dive Case.




Longer Battery Life 1000mAh

Extend the good times.


Improved battery life makes the fun last longer.


Your battery’s charge will no longer get in the way of your enjoyment.


Dual safety feature: The new battery has 2 protection circuits to avoid overcharging.





Gyro Anti-Shake to stabilize movement.


SJ7 STAR has built-in gyro and accelerometer sensors for smoother, crisper images.


All the time. Every time.


No more dizzying blurry pictures and videos, even when the going gets rough.





Multi-options for your Memory recording.


Scuba diving/ Photographing/ Motion shot/ Night shot/ Selfie/ any time, tons of fun!






Join us in SJCAM ZONE. Easy configuration. Effortless sharing.


The powerful SJCAM ZONE App Allows you to change settings on your camera in real-time.


You can easily review your footages and photos and share them with the  community!


Meet more new friends, and even share wonderful moments with them.



SJ7 Specification


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